OTR, Ag and Industrial Tires

OTR, Ag and Industrial Tires from Toce Brothers

If you're looking for OTR, Ag or Industrial tires, chances are you already know that they're a whole different category of tire from tires used for cars, light trucks or commercial highway vehicles. They see an entirely different sort of service from other tires and are designed, engineered and built to a different set of specifications altogether. OTR tires might include applications such as:

  • Construction
  • Ports and Terminals
  • Industrial
  • Quarries
  • Surface mining or shaft mining

and vehicles such as:

  • Dozers
  • Payloaders
  • Skidders
  • Mobile cranes
  • Graders and scrapers
  • Articulated dump trucks

These tires aren't approved for highway use, and are designed for maximum traction on difficult surfaces, with tread formulations that are designed to resist cuts, punctures and tears.

Agricultural Tires

Along with the toughness of OTR tires, agricultural tires have to deliver control and traction in a wide range of soil conditions, but with a minimum of soil compaction and damage. Some agricultural tires are designed for flotation, dispersing the vehicle's weight over the surface of the soil to avoid sinking in.

Industrial Tires

Industrial tires are often similar to OTR tires in design and materials, but many industrial tires are designed to resist damage or deterioration from oil, chemicals, ozone or other materials that could attack the rubber compounds.

Toce Brothers offers OTR, Ag and Industrial Tires in Torrington and Bloomfield, CT and surrounding areas

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