Wheel Refurbishing

Since the early 90's, OSHA has mandated wheel and rim refurbishing for commercial vehicles. According to regulations, a wheel needs to be refinished when there is:

  • Any evidence of debris, rust or rubber at the bead seat
  • Any more than 3 mils thickness of powder, paint or debris around the lug nut area
  • A rim that shows more than 20 percent of rust around the rim area

What does Toce Brothers offer during wheel refurbishing?

  • Electric or gas kilns
  • Vertical wheel lift
  • Powder coating and blast media for refinishing
  • Shot blasting, with dust collector
  • Monorail
  • Powder booth with gun applicator

The shot blast is used to remove any traces of the old finish, prepping the surface for refinishing. Our wheel refurbishing is 100% compliant with OSHA regulations and other pluses include:

  • Less chance of slow air loss due to faulty bead
  • Decreased chance of blowout at highway speed
  • Increased safety for operator
  • Professional appearance for company vehicles

Toce Brothers provides Commercial Wheel Refurbishing services in Torrington and Bloomfield, CT and surrounding areas

Wheel refurbishing isn't just a good idea for safety's sake, it's now the law! Come see Toce Brothers for comprehensive wheel refurbishing for your fleet's trucks.